Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Feb already??

Somehow I seem to have missed the chance to sit down and post since November! The holidays came and went and I am finally coming up for air. We had wonderful holidays, just very very busy. Thanksgiving here, wtih the family, Christmas here too, with not only my brother and his family, and the grandparents, but also Ron's sisters and families made it out too, to meet Kelly and spend time with us all....Very fun.

Kelly is proving to be quiet the party girl, she loves it when people are over, the house rocking! She came thru all the visitors and festivities with flying colors, only a few melt downs, but many more smiles. While Thanksgiving is still a mystery, New Years just a loud night, Christmas means sitting on Santa's lap and saying " ooh, ooh, ooh" . Too cute. We traveled to Irvine Reagional park to see the man with the beard and with the help of her big sisters, she sat on Santa's lap after riding the train through the park at night. Big stuff for a 2 yr. old. Christmas also means being spoiled by her Aunties and Uncles and cousins...which she saw a plenty, and now she can't understand why the M&M's aren't being handed to her on an hourly basis!

Jan started with the much anticipated beginning of Speech Therapy. Yippee! Kelly goes 2 x week for an hour each appt. and will probably be adding more days per week, and be doing this for several years. The great news is she is LOVING it (to her it's just play time) and is co operating with the therapist, who seems great. We have already seen some tiny improvements after each appt. and are encouraged to be patient on this looonnnngg journey to speech. Her receptive language, or what she hears and understands, is excellent, which will help a lot. There's just a lof of mechanics for her to learn before she can even start to put the words together in actul speech. Thankfully her signing is great, saving us some of the communication frustration inherant in this whole process.

Ok, I'll shut up now and try to post some pictures...they won't be in much order, but I figure people just want to see her!


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