Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow, time has flown!
Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone and all is well here. Kelly continues to thrive and is a chatterbox now. We can't understand 95% of what she says (well, I can figure some of it out, but most people can't) but it's still great that she is talking up a storm. She is still doing Speech Therapy 5xs a week, still swimming and has Pre-school 2xs a week. She LOVES school and happily goes, and comes home painty, gluey, covered in her lunch and happy. All good.
Kelly did have a very short, easy (relatively) outpatient surgery last week to clip a skin "bridge" that went from the roof of her mouth to her cheek that was going to be in the way of chewing soon. The surgery went well and that should be it for surgeries (in her mouth...ear tubes need replacing)till she is around 5 yrs. old hopefully. Then another around 9, and again in her teens. All expected, and going as we assumed. She's healthy as a horse other than that, has had far fewer colds and "bugs" than Cory or Jamie ever did as a little one.
Life is good.