Sunday, October 4, 2009

She's 2!

Kelly turned 2 on the 21st, and we had a small family party for her. She didn't understand the gift thing (of course) but did get the hang of the cake thing! She's acting more and more like a 2 yr. old too, which is great to see, just a little frustrating to deal with. We are now 5 1/2 weeks post op from the palate surgery and so far things looks pretty good. The Dr. is concerned with one part of the repair, but there's nothing to do about it at this point but wait, hope and STAY on the "soft food only" diet..poor kid. Her greatest source of frustration these days is still not being allowed to feed herself and not getting the food she wants. She has gotten taller, but not put on any weight, so I can't wait to give her the things she craves like Goldfish, cookies and chips (might be a looooonnnnggg time before she gets chips!)

Kelly and I are attending a Tumbling Tots class and Sign Language, and the Tumbling class is taught by the same woman who taught it 15 years ago when I took Cory to it...yikes! The teacher and I both agreed it was something we wouldn't think about too much. We are seeing improvements in vocalization and mimicing, but other than a very few words, still not getting much vocal language. Kelly continues to sign many things, and can say "Mama" and "hi" much more clearly now, and "more" and "music" if you use a little imagination. Fortunately her receptive language is really coming along now and she understands most, if not all, of what we say. Of course the 2 yr. old in her chooses not to listen sometimes too! All in all we have made it through the 6 week recovery period pretty well, and are anxious to move on past this and on to "normal" life!