Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday and more

Kelly turned 3 on Sept. 21st. Wow, where did the year go? This time last year she was still recovering from surgery and still settling in. The difference a year makes!! Actually her birthday is long past, just been too busy to post, as usual. Kelly has the busiest schedule in the house: Pre-school 2x a week, 1/2 which she LOVES...gets to get messy with paint, glue and sand, runs wild with other kids her age and even gets juice. See, Mom won't give her juice at home, so school is pretty cool. She has Speech Therapy 5 times a week: 2 one hour appt. with a private SLP and 3 half hour appts. thru the school district. Then swim lessons now only once a week to keep up her "gills". She took to swimming with great joy and is a good little fish now, can swim across the pool. Her technique leaves a lot to be desired, she looks pretty much like she's drowning, but she makes it to where she wants to go, so it's all good! Then there's all the car rides with Mom to take Jamie to and fro. Busy days.
Kelly is finally really improving on her speech. While most people don't know what her words are, she is using them, in 3 word sentences most often and gets her point across nicely. Still very delayed, but it's great to see progress.
Kelly continues to travel well, we flew to Kauai, and drove up to Berkeley and back twice since Kauai. Each trip was long, but very do-able with her, thank goodness. The trips to Berkeley were to first drop big sister Cory off at the U.C. and second to visit. Cory is loving Cal, and is very happy, and VERY busy there. She is coxswain for the Women's Crew team and it's serious stuff there, they are ranked #2 in the Nation, NCAA Div. I, so practice takes up lots of her time.
Jamie is a Soph. in High School now, rows for the NAC and is very busy with Crew and school too. She gets her drivers license in Dec. so Mom's carpool driving will come to an end for a couple of year's (yeah!) till Kelly is at it.
Today is a great day, as Cory is visiting and while Halloween is a week away they are all going to carve pumpkins, should be messy good fun!