Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, Oct. has come and gone and Nov. is half way through! Seeing as my last post was early Oct. you should come to the conclusion that we are really...really busy, which is a good thing. Kelly is "done" healing from her surgery, and on any and all foods now. The disappointing news is that while the surgery was mostly successful, there is still a small hole in her palate, which will need to be closed by surgery again, at some point, but not for a least a year. We were so hoping that this would be the only one to close her palate, but at least it is far and away better than it was. It does mean that there is still no way for her to create a suction, but we'll deal with that as it comes. The good news is she can eat and feed herself and she is a happy camper now. Even put on a little weight! Her hair is filling in, her motor skills are improving very rapidly and she is even doing a little babbling. She still does not talk, and while that is frustrating for us all, she is using her mouth and voice more and more...shouldn't be too terribly long before we have actual language!! I've been doing battle with the powers that be to get her into Speech Therapy and we are finally approved for Calif. Child Services, just need to get the right referral to the right place. Gotta love State run programs (not!!)
We had a great Halloween, and look forward to a fun Thanksgiving with family. I can't find the pictures of her Halloween outfit at the moment, but will post those when I can. The moment I have now is one where I can find some random pictures of Kelly (Jamie and friend Taylor are in the picts too) helping to wash Cory's car. The one of Kelly eating is when she was able to finally eat with utensils...double handed, like she did when we first brought her home.

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