Sunday, June 28, 2009

we're here!

Well, we make it to Zhengzhou, and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kelly! Our flight was ALMOST uneventful, but true to Darling tradition, the trip here HAD to have some type of drama. For those of you about to travel and are keeping tabs on the way things are being dealt with regarding Swine Flu, you'll love this..... On the flight over, Ron sat across the asle from a man who was obviously sick (cough, runny nose ect.) so as the plane was not full, I moved back an asle and over, then Ron, Cory and Jamie all moved over...then Cory moved next to me and Ron over again. The plane landed, the crew with the forehead temperature scanners came on board and scannned everyone. Of course the man who was sick passed, but the young woman next to ME was the only one on the whole plane who didn't pass. Poor girl, it took 30 min.s of 5 masked, goggled, clipboard wielding officials interrogated her, then took her away!! After sweating it out, they did not take me, or Cory or anyone else. Whew. They DID put an odd purple stamp on all our medical paperwork we had to fill out on the plane.
We made our way to ZZ, had dinner, slept, and this morning we went with the 6 families getting their amazing experience, truly amazing. All went well for them, and we are supposed to get Kelly, here in our room in 2 hours!! We are headed off to eat, then will be back and try to stay calm. Bye for now. Beth


  1. Yay, soo happy you have arrived safely!! Can't wait to see pics of Gotcha!


  2. Dear Darling Family,
    We are so excited and anxious to get pictures of Kelly with her new family! Our prayers are with you. Enjoy every minute and come home safely with your "Lil Angel".
    Love, Bob & Connie

  3. got the link to pics from ron and just finished balling my eyes out... what a precious gift - for all of you. can't wait to meet her!

  4. How exciting. OOOOhhhh how your heart must be fluttering!!!
    Jenny G.