Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have Kelly and she has us!

Wow, what an amazing 2 days it's been. First of all, everything is great. Second of all, sorry for the delay in posting....our time has been chock full of screaming baby, giggles, paperwork and more paperwork. Also, China has blocked Blogspot, so we had to work around it, more than just "anomouse" and stuff like that, but my computer whiz of a husband figured out a way, but it's super slow for me to post, let alone find the time and get a chance at the computer (lots of skyping).

So, what you are waiting to hear....Kelly is adorable. We are all doing well, and Kelly is slowly but surely adjusting to us, and moving past her grieving for her nanny. We were given a memory book from Half the Sky and it's clear from the pictures in it that Kelly has had the same caregiver from the time she was an infant. She is basically healthy, and bonding well, just slowly as anticiapated. She is miserable with an ear infection, a few digestive issues, and a bad rash, but getting better by the minute.

Ok, that first paragraph was written yesterday and not posted...I was interupted and have finally gotten the chance to get back on. We are now here at Thurs. am and doing better by the minute. Kelly is now playing with Ron, happy to walk away from daddy to play with her sisters, and didn't cry when she woke up this morning. She's eating better, and scratching less. We have giggles, and much more inter action.

There are 7 other families here getting their kids and doing well too. We all finished our Chinese paperwork and they are officially "ours" and tomorrow we leave for GZ to do our American paperwork. We hope to do a little shopping today, and maybe the pool again, we'll see how it goes, R and I are remembering the lifestyle of parents to toddlers...naps and meals being the most important part of your day!

I'll try to post some pictures here now, and do another post soon....just got to get in line for this computer to do it!



  1. Finally!! I have been so worried that ya'll had been quarantined!;) Glad to hear all is going well. Great new pics, she is adorable!!


  2. Kelly is absolutely adorable! I am so happy for your family! Enjoy getting to know your little girl and your time in China!