Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween fun!
Halloween was great fun around here. Our neighbors the Bakers host a wonderful Pumpkin Carving Party every year, and it's always fun to go with tons of kids. The on Halloween morning another neighbor, Treb, floats a HUGE pumpkin balloon with a colorful, lighted balloon twist "string" up over his front yard. There are at least 750 balloons in the "string" and the big pumpkin is probably 6 ft. in funny. Kelly got to help with it and carving and had a blast. She was a Bee for Halloween, or as she says "uney ee" for Honey Bee. Jamie and I took her to Balboa to see my parents before the real trick or treating began, and at first she wasn't too sure about it, but after about 3 houses figured out that this was a cool deal! By time we made it home and joined a group of other 2-4yr. olds, she was in full swing and leading the pack to walk up to doors and say "A-ee All-o-een! Too cute.
We also found out that she LOVES suckers, much to her Dental Hygienist mommy's dismay....first thing she picks out to eat...ugh.
Cory was out for a visit just before Halloween, and it was a great weekend, filled with lots kids and fun. Cory and Jamie were excited as the new Taylor Swift CD had just come out and that's all we heard that weekend. By Monday Kelly was singing the "Mean" song in her crib during nap time.
Looking forward to a great Thanksgiving soon.

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