Monday, September 7, 2009

One week done!

yeah!! We made it through the first week of recovery after Kelly's cleft surgery.

She did really really well, considering, but it's been a long week and I'm glad we are on the other side of it. She will be off the No-no's soon, and we are only using them nights, naps, and car rides and when I can't be right there with her. As the girls have been on vacation still, that has meant that someone is with Kelly much of the time, so that has made those nasty No-no's pretty easy. And the fact that Kelly really doesn't put much into her mouth. She's till sleeping fitfully, but not bad thank goodness. Wakes several times at night, but goes back to sleep usually. We also stopped the Codeine, and I'm glad...was making her too loopy, volatile, and I think nauseous so she wasn't eating or drinking. She's still pretty mad about not being able to feed herself or get the food she wants, but we can at least get a little into her now!

It's going to be really sad for her tomorrow when Cory and Jamie leave for school. Kelly adores them and loves to "hang" with them or just watch what they are doing. I'm going to be sad too, as they have been such an amazing help to me these last 2 months. With them gone during the day, and the surgery over and winding down (in a month or so) with the Dr. appt.s I'm going to have to get both Kelly and I into some classes to keep us busy. Actually it's really good timing as I think Kelly is ready for some more stimulation now, without getting too overwhelmed. Hopefully this surgery is a complete success (we won't know for a few months) and we can start Speech Therapy in a month or so.

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