Wednesday, August 5, 2009

They had corn on the cob in Zhengzhou...

Some new pictures for you!
We are all doing well. Cory is off to UC Berkeley for camp, Jamie is leaving for Catalina, Ron is busy at work and Kelly and I hold down the fort at home. We spent the weekend at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa, and meeting Uncle Steve, Aunt Amy and cousin C. J....and Kelly loves to play with C.J., finally a "kid" to play with! Lots of sand and sun, just the thing for the first of Aug.
Kelly is continuing on the rounds of Dr. appt.s getting ready for her surgery on the 28th. We are screening for hearing, speech, motor developement and anything else they think of. She seems to still be fine on the cognitive developement, learning signs faster than I do, and out smarts me in typical toddler fashion daily. As you can see by the corn on the cob picture, Kelly enjoys her food. She is eating most things, especially if cut up very small, or soft, but is managing other things too, like the corn.
I finally got some help to up load some pictures, and have posted a few of daily life. I'll try for more now that I've got a file going and the correct computer!

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