Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi All!
Seems I've gotten on to blog and it's letting me post for the moment so I'll type fast.
We are GREAT...we had a difficult past 24 hours with a surpise problem with Kelly's visa, and for a short while thought we would be delayed for an unknown amount of time...luckily we resolved the problem and are still planning on making our flight!!! Good thing as we are really "done" here, and very ready to come home. Kelly is amazing us daily with new things, personality and progress. She is cracking us up and cute as a button. We have pushed the limits of a toddler (zoo trip all day, bus rides, changing schedule etc.) and she has come thur like a trooper. We are all exhausted, but so very happy and looking forward to getting home and settleing in. I will try to post more when blogger lets me, or China does. Hope the last 3 pictures posted, they are random shots.
Note to all NON Hague, adopting families about to travel or here now, either see my post on the CCAIWCP big board, or post here for info on the new problem of the Visa 37...if you are Hague, never mind.

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