Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009
We got an update last week, including this wonderful picture of Kelly!! Love the hair, and the healthy look. We were pleased to see her looking so well. We also received some updated measurements, but as the height update claims she grew 2 inches in 2 months, we pretty much have disregarded all the numbers as being inaccurate. Oh well, the picture is worth a MILLION words.
The best news was today though....we received TA!!!!!!! For all of you who don't speak the strange language of International Adoption, that means we have Travel Approval, which is China's way of sayng "ok, you can come get her!" We will not be traveling with the next group from our agency to go (June 10th) but we will wait till Cory and Jamie are out of school. That means probably traveling June 25th or 26th, but we will need to wait a week or two to get our final days and times. Still, this is the final piece in the puzzle and we are REALLY on our way now.


  1. Kelly is so cute! Wishing you many blessings. We are a CCAI family to - waiting for TA (hopefully in the next week or two). We may be traveling with you. Our son is from Henan - Jiaozuo. I have a blog but it is closed. If you send me your email - I will send you an invite.
    Jen Thompson

  2. OOPS - here is my email

  3. LOVE that look she's giving the camera! :) Hope this month flies for you!
    Jenny G
    MCC '07

  4. Fabulous news!! Can't wait to see pics of Kelly in your arms!!